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These are some of my pieces from LIFE BEARINGS, an upcoming group exhibition at Georgia Scherman Projects in Toronto, Canada. The video is titled Trust the Process, and the series of collages Weightless.


Trust the Process is about the things that we cannot control. It is about patience and trust and about letting go of our human stubbornness. It is about reconnecting and reconciling with the pace of nature and therefore with our own essence. I created this piece as a mantra to remember in situations of great stress and lack of clarity.






The series Weightless is about coping mechanisms. It is about the heaviness and lightness of life, and about the malleability of the human mind. The self-portraits from this series had been stored in my computer’s memory for years, until I decided to use them recently. They were born as a small act of self-awareness during a difficult period of my life. When my son was diagnosed with Autism at age 2, I intuitively knew that early intervention would be crucial for him. During those years of intense therapy I stopped having a social life and got immersed in studying the human brain in order to understand that of my own son. With this series I wanted to revisit the past with the perspective that I now have from those challenging years of deep growth.

What: Group Exhibition titled LIFE BEARINGS

Where: Georgia Scherman Projects

Opening Reception: September 8th, 2016

Time: 6:00PM-8:00PM

Duration of the show: September 9th-October 15th, 2016

Artists: Anila Rubiku, Carly Butler, Elsa MoraHyang Cho, and Vessna Perunovich.

Curated by: Magda Gonzalez-Mora

The collages measure 18″x18″ each. Please contact the gallery if you are interested in purchasing/reserving any of the pieces. You may also contact me with questions:



Georgia Scherman

Contact: phone 416.554.4112


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