↓Just for fun, here’s where the journey began. It’s the only picture that I have with friends at the Escuela Vocacional de Artes en Holguin, in the 80’s. We had no idea what the future was going to be like but we were excited to be studying art.

1993↓ This dark piece marks the beginning of my more intentional explorations as an artist. There is a story behind it that I can share, I created it during one of the hardest economic crisis in Cuba, after the socialist bloc collapsed and we were left without food. This piece saved my life. I started working one it  after considered ending my life. Fortunately, I never thought about doing anything like it again. It was the darkest day of my life, but also one of the most important ones. This piece somehow taught me that art can literally save you. That’s what it did for me. I still have this piece.

1997↓ For a few years, I created intimate pieces that were heavily influenced by Frida Kahlo, Leonora Carrington, and Remedios Varo. I discovered them and became fascinated by their individual stories and art. As a young woman in the search of my own language, I saw them as role models and a great source of inspiration.

1999↓ From Re-Encuentros, the show curated by Magda for the Wifredo Lam Center. Re-Encuentros had a variety of media in it. During that period I started to go deeper into experimenting with different materials, but most importantly, I started to slowly find my own voice as an artist. I felt more mature intellectually. This series is titled: Secrets. Each piece has a personal secret written on a piece of paper that I then sew and glued to make it impossible to read. Symbolically, I was exposing my vulnerabilities, but at the same time I was owning them.

More pieces from Re-Encuentros↓

↓ TIMELINE, pieces from the upcoming show in NYC ↓

You can see some GIF animations of these pieces with the rocks here. The final work is a series of photographs documenting the brief life of water drawings on a small rock.

↓ From the series Natalie, about my daughter. ↓

↓ From the series Infinita-Mente, about my son Diego and his unique mind. ↓

↓ From the series Interferences, they are 3 pieces (more pictures coming later), about 3 important events in my life that shaped me. ↓

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